The Star Fish Analysis

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What’s the point of community service? I would ask myself before; until I read the story “The Starfish” by Loren Eisley. When I read this story I realizes, it’s important to give back to the community. Giving back is a big part of what the world is today. Community service is a way people can gain a sense of accomplishment knowing that they made a difference in someone or something. No matter how small it may be; because no matter how hard you think your life is, there’s always someone who has a face harder challenges than, and one difference can go long way. And I’m not just talking about giving back to gain something or to return a favor. Giving back is where give and there’s nothing in return. Volunteers is for anybody in the world, who just …show more content…

Many people these days seem to think that everything will come their way without working for it. People say let’s make the world a better place for the future, but doesn’t want to work towards it. Although people may not think they’re lazy, but they need to realize that the world is going to get worst or better if we don’t change and do something about it for the next generation. My parent instilled in me the desire and important of giving back. And how you should never forget about your community and how bring a community together is very important thing; and just doing small thing can make a difference. That’s why god put us on this earth, in religion class we was talking about how god put us on this earth to imitate God and become almost perfect in his name. When Jesus was on earth he made a difference; he helped people throughout his life and also died for us. We just talk about how we need to change the world; we also need to take action. When Jesus was on earth he just didn’t say heal the people, he heal them. So can’t we stop doing a lot of talking and do some action; mean what you say and do what

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