The Statue of Liberty: Meaning of the Statue of Liberty Essay

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THE STATUE OF LIBERTY: MEANING OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY The statue of Liberty is national monument given to the United States by France in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. Being among the best-known monuments in the world, it attracts between three to four million people each year. The Statue of Liberty has been a tourist destination and played many other roles in its 124-year history. Representing a woman holding aloft a torch, it stands at the entrance to New York harbor on a 12-acre land known as Bedloe’s or Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom throughout the world, democracy as well as international friendship. As a result, many immigrants’ hearts warmed up as they…show more content…
The French people responded immediately by raising money through public funding and various forms of entertainment. However, the law of France only permitted lotteries for charitable and artistic causes, of which the Statue of Liberty qualified under both. Consequently, it was decided that a lottery be organized to boost the fund. Gounod, a famous composer wrote a song to the statue that he presented at the Paris Opera, and the money raised funded the project. Unfortunately, they realized that the anticipated cost of building the Statue was much more than the available funds. Never the less, the French government was not involved in any fund raising. On the other hand, the Americans received the information about the statue construction before they got appeal for funds. The reluctance on the American side delayed the building of the pedestal. Possible reasons for lack of interest were that the project may not be completed, others though the statue was a New York City project and not national in character. Others argued about its location. The only accomplishment made by 1876 was the exhibition of the completed right arm and torch of the statue at Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and later Madison Square in New York City. While all this was going on, the French completed the head and shoulders of the statue and placed them on public exhibition to encourage

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