The Stereotypes Of Misogyny

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In order to understand the broad topic of misogyny, it must first be recognized. The oppression of women in society can be found in many aspects of daily life, current events, and in human history. Specifically, this misogyny is largely observed from the way in which the female narrative is suppressed. In “How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)” by Junot Diaz, the female voice is silenced, leaving room for stereotypes to emerge and sexist--and racist--undertones to run throughout the text. As the protagonist, Yunior, gives the readers instructions for how to date different women largely on the basis of their race, financial stability, or neighborhood, it becomes clear that he has firm opinions on these women; but does …show more content…

Yunior’s narrow mindset also silences the female voice by delegitimizing the woman’s history or credibility. An example of this is when Yunior explains women’s predictability. “A halfie will tell you that her parents met in the Movement, will say, Back when people thought it was a radical thing to do” (Diaz 2) According to Yunior, all girls who are “halfies” have the same family history with the same intrinsic details to top their stories. His commentary reveals how uninterested he truly is in what the girl has to say by giving her a false sense of adequacy. Moreover, he starts disregarding her originality while purposely concealing his imminent lack of sympathy. This disrespect to the female’s background and Yunior’s dismissive feelings surrounding it silence the girl’s voice by not allowing her to take pride in her background. Yunior is explicit in his doubt surrounding his date’s credibility and originality. As a result, his doubts lead him to believe that the girl’s family history wasn’t truly radical or difficult. Dismissing her family’s struggles (whether they are common or not) silences the female’s voice by doubting her credibility.
Whether used appraisingly or negatively, the power of language can shape how social groups stand in society. Moreover, derogatory language against women is a commonly-used way of demeaning their value. The first example comes on the first page, as

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