The Stonewall Riots And The Gay Rights Movement

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It was approximately three a.m. on the twenty-eighth of June, 1969 when outside the Stonewall Inn, a monumental riot began. On Christopher Street in New York City, a police raid had just taken place in the gay bar due to the selling of liquor without a license, and arrests were made to anyone without a minimum of three articles of gender appropriate clothing on in accordance to New York law. This was one of several police raids that occurred in a gay bar in such a small amount of time, and the LGBT community made their anger very clear that morning. The event that took place as a result of these raids known as the Stonewall Riots became the catalyst for the Gay Liberation Front, and the Gay Activist Alliance, as well as many new …show more content…

America’s people were seemingly divided into many different ways- the most obvious of them would be the liberals, or “New Left”(the phrase coined by C. Wright Mills (1916–62) in Letter to the New Left) versus the older conservatives, or “Silent Majority”(coined by President Richard Nixon in his November 3, 1969 speech), the former arguing for peace, love, and rebellion against conformity and institutions, while the latter arguing for logic, tradition, and security. By June of 1969, many people of the New Left were accustomed to rebellion against the Silent Majority, with each minority accepting their own time slot- their own moment in time to make history and to voice their opinions which were subdued for so long. The members of the LGBT community were no anomaly to this concept. The warm summer day of June twenty-eighth, 1969 was not a quiet one. Although the New York City police had a justification to raid the bar of the Stonewall Inn, which was a safe haven for members of the LGBT community, nothing could prepare them for the uproar their actions would cause on Christopher Street that early morning. Crowd., crown police began their arrests for the selling of liquor without a license, the intense crowd of gathering people did disperse as it was supposed to. In fact, a lesbian named Stormé DeLarverie had refused to move for an officer who was attempting to throw an arrestee into the police vehicle, which not only caused the officer to club her in the face,

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