The Stop And Frisk Police Essay

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The stop, question, and frisk policy qualifies as a criminal justice issue that has captured the attention of public nationwide. Empirical research has presented evidence that the stop and frisk police is disproportionately used against minorities, which indicates the prevalence of racial profiling. Firstly, statistical databases have shown that the New York Police Departments have stopped and frisked approximately 685,000 persons since 2011, with 85 percent of those individuals representing African Americans and Latino Americans (Zamani, 2012). Many of the individuals are male. The statistical representation, unaccompanied, speaks volumes that the racial profiling is prevalent in the practice. The racial profiling of minorities violates the constitutional rights of the individuals that are stop and frisked based on their skin color.
Secondly, research shown that approximately “6% percent of the stops and frisk have caused individuals being arrested and 2% in the recovery of illegal weapons (“Report of The NYPD’S”, 2013).” This statistical data demonstrates how the stop and frisk policy is ineffective at achieving the objective of removing illegal weapons off of the streets, however, it is effective at removing illegal substances off of the streets. In many of the cases, the police officer instructs the individual to remove illegal substances from their pockets and then arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor for having marijuana in plain view. This is a violation of the

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