The Storm And The Story Of An Hour Analysis

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“The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” were two fantastic short stories that Kate Chopin wrote. Both stories involved the discussion of marriages, although, the stories went over the same topic in two different ways. Two different sides of the same coin is a way someone could describe the two stories. “The Story of an Hour” was about a woman coming to terms with the possibility that her husband is dead, while the “The Storm” is about a woman having an affair while her husband is away. One could ask what her purpose for writing these stories was. Why did she want to show people these stories? Kate Chopin expresses the ideas that marriage is binding, limiting, and that it does not allow one to be living for themselves. In “The Story of an Hour” a woman named Mrs. Mallard receives the news that her husband, Brently Mallard, was killed in a railroad disaster. Unlike most ladies according to the story, Mrs. Mallard simply cries a little while she is embraced by her sister. Most women would be in a state of shock or intense emotional crisis. When Mrs. Mallard goes to her room the atmosphere is not one of sadness, grief, or gloominess, but rather one of serenity, calmness, and deep thought. She opens a window, there are “patches of blue sky showing” and “the delicious breathe of rain was in the air.” All very out of place for an atmosphere after the death of your husband, or at the least should be so. The atmosphere points to the fact that Mrs. Mallard was content with the death

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