The Story Of A Story

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“They hope to have the central heating system up by fall. For now, we still have to light lots of fires and keep warm other ways. I warned Lia that it’s a work in progress and that we’ll still be roughing it in some areas.”
“I could care less about inconvenience!” Lia exclaimed. “I don’t want to be parachuted to the destination—I want to reach it by taking the journey. That’s the only way it has any real meaning.”
“Very well put, Dear Lady,” exclaimed Julian, “and Adriana and I are honored to be part of your journey.”
Adriana stood up, motioning Lia to follow. “And on that note, let’s put some margaritas in the blender. I read in your blog that you like them as much as we do. We’ll grab some nachos and salsa and sit out in the garden.” …show more content…

I guess I’m a romantic after all.”
“I kind of figured that out when you wrote all those stellar love songs.”
“Now I have to balance my life. It looks like Lia and Adriana hit it off. That’s a good thing since you and I have to get back to work at some point. I’m spending money like there’s no tomorrow.”
“I’ll make sure you do what you need to—have no fear. The timing couldn’t be better since the promotion and touring for ‘Kaleidoscope’ is over. You’ve worked nonstop for over two years. It’s time to concentrate on other aspects of life.” . . .

Friday at noon, David and Lia got in the cobalt BMW with Bartholomew and headed north towards home. It had been important to him to drive her home in their own car. Driving in his car alone, he had created a sacred space in motion, and now Lia was sharing that space. As he looked at her sitting next to him, it was as if she’d been there all along. He was ecstatic. He’d done this drive hundreds of times, but today Lia was pointing out things that his eyes had missed before. At 4:30, when they were just 15 kilometers from Pickering, she became even more energized. “Look, David! There’s a road sign for Scarborough.”
“I’ve always seen those signs, but I haven’t been to Scarborough. Except for when you and I traveled back in time three years ago.”
“Every time I’d hear ‘Scarborough Fair’ it tore a hole in my heart. Whenever I watched The Graduate, I had to fast forward past that song. Imagine hearing those lyrics about lost love when

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