The Story Of Ruth Is More Than A Romantic Story

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The story of Ruth is more than a romantic story seeking to give hope to the community in need of finding a husband. The book of Ruth contains a story of oddities and redemption through the interaction of Ruth, a Moabitess, Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law and Israelite, and Boaz, a man related to Elimelek. The story starts out by telling the readers the current lineage that is present in the story. Elimelek and Naomi, from Bethlehem, have two songs named Mahlon and Kilion. Those two are married to Ruth and Orpah. They lived in Moab but during that time all the three of the men of this family died. The three woman are left by themselves and the mother tells them that they should leave her in order to reestablish life in their homeland. She was now worthless to them as they would only be burdened. Orpah returns back out of logical decision, which respected the head of the household and general survival. Ruth on the other decides to stay, respect, and obey whatever Naomi may need from her. This extends to respecting and following the cultural laws that belong to Naomi’s character. Ruth works the land to provide food and marries Boaz in order to redeem Elimelek and Naomi’s line. The story has many points that seek to be explained but I would like focus on the concept of Ruth’s identity from the beginning to the end of the story. Ruth helps the people in the story to reach happiness but she does necessarily not accept the relationship/devotion to the God figure. The story itself
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