The Strength Of Religion On The South

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The Strength of Religion in the South Religion plays a different role in southern culture than it does in other parts of the nation. In “the bible belt”, religion is very integrated into both the local and regional cultures, demonstrated by higher attendance in religious activities and more religion affiliated establishments per square mile. The purpose of this paper is to understand how religion plays a role in the life of women in the south and discuss the ever-changing pressures they feel from their community and family. It will also explore why religious ties in the south are stronger than those of the rest of the nation. The research method for this paper is an extended life history of Janet Buckwell, who has lived her entire life…show more content…
When she became a young adult, she began attending the regular church service with her parents. One Sunday during the regular service Janet remembers that the preacher had an “alter calling”, which was a special event. The preacher requested that anyone who wanted to be baptized to please come to the altar. Janet said she could feel God asking her to step forward and become baptized, however, she did not step up because her parents did not nod at her that it was all right for her to go up, instead, they just looked up and focused on the preacher. Janet felt she had missed the opportunity to accept her calling from God. Janet felt betrayed by her parents because they had denied her the chance to embrace her religion. These feelings of betrayal lead her to pull away from her parents and her religion. As she progressed through high school, Janet’s life revolved less and less around her religion and more and more around her own life. She no longer attended church every Sunday and the very same parents who would not let her embrace her religion began making her feel guilty for not attending services. She remembers her dad leaving for church each Sunday saying he would pray for her. Her community also noticed she was not attending church services and that added to her guilt. Adding to the confusion about her religion was the fact that each side of her family expressed and acted out their religion
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