The Strength Of Religion On The South

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The Strength of Religion in the South
Religion plays a different role in southern culture than it does in other parts of the nation. In “the bible belt”, religion is very integrated into both the local and regional cultures, demonstrated by higher attendance in religious activities and more religion affiliated establishments per square mile. The purpose of this paper is to understand how religion plays a role in the life of women in the south and discuss the ever-changing pressures they feel from their community and family. It will also explore why religious ties in the south are stronger than those of the rest of the nation. The research method for this paper is an extended life history of Janet Buckwell, who has lived her entire life in “the bible belt” and will discuss how and why her religion makes up the woman she is. The relevance of this research to the field of anthropology is to determine if the strength of religion in the south is a result of environment, as a way of explaining the world, if it is for social cohesion, social control or an economic adaptation. In addition, it will discuss her religious practices, the role ministers have played in her experiences, and how religion is passed on through generations in her family.
Janet Buckwell grew up in the small farm town of Booker, located in the Texas panhandle. Her family attended the local Methodist church located down the street from her home. Each Sunday Janet and her siblings would attend Sunday…
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