Détente During The Cold War

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The structure of world politics during the cold war (1945-1989), was determined by the strategic and ideological competition between the U.S and the Soviet Union. During this time, there was a varying degree of tension between these two superpowers (ref). This essay will be describing various meaning of the word ‘’détente, its achievements and limitations, how it was performed by different countries and finally reasons why it’s failed and why the failure was inevitable.
Détente is from a French word, which means a release from tension, but this is in contrast to the maintain of high level tension as was done during the cold war. The American definition according to DR Kissinger (Bell, 1977), describes détente as a mode of management of adversary power. However (Ashton, 1989), said the first person to that establish détente was a French president named Charles de Gaulle, who ultimately refused to accept the generalization about the assumption that negotiation and security should be dealt with by the soviet union and the united states.
One of the biggest issues in the cold war was proper lack of communication between the US and the Soviet Union. This was clearly demonstrated by the Cuban missiles crisis in 1963, when there was no way of possible negotiable agreements. This was one of the biggest clashes between the two super powers, and at that point the world was really close to a military, most possibly nuclear disaster. There was an understanding by the Soviet Union that

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