The Stylistic Analysis of Sherwood Anderson’s Short Story “Hands”

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The stylistic analysis of Sherwood Anderson’s short story “Hands” I would like tell you about the story I have read. It is written by an American novelist and short story writer. It is called “Hands” and this store is referred to his most enduring work the short story sequence Winesburg, Ohio. “Hands” is the story of alone man who has almost no connection with the people of Winesburg, although he has lived near the town for twenty years. Many years ago he had quiet unfortunate experience in the communication with this world. The reason of this failing was his hands. The main character has speaking name Wing Biddlebaum (antonomasia), so it underlines the importance of his hands and personifies freedom. What…show more content…
With George, he is confident and talkative, and he is able to express the ideas that he has developed over the lonely years. “In the presence of George Willard, Wing Biddlebaum, who for twenty years had been the town mystery, lost something of his timidity, and his shadowy personality, submerged in a sea of doubts, came forth to look at the world.” The story opens with a sentence that establishes the setting and the main character: ‘‘Upon the half decayed veranda of a small frame house that stood near the edge of a ravine near the town of Winesburg, Ohio, a fat little old man walked nervously up and down.’’ As he stands alone and looks out over the fields, he sees a wagon full of young people returning home from berry picking. They are laughing and enjoying each other’s company, and one of them yells across to the man, mocking him for his baldness. The author employs a number of stylistic devises that describe the main character’s inner world and appearance. A fat little old man – epithet Yellow mustard weeks - epithet Wing Biddlebaum, forever frightened and beset by a ghostly band of doubts – (metaphor), did not think of himself…. now as the old man walked up and down on the veranda, his hands moving nervously about, he was hoping that George Willard would come and spend the evening with him. The author compares the main character’s life with a field – across a long field. In the sentence “The berry pickers, youth and maidens,

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