The Success of the Bolsheviks in Gaining Power in Russia by 1922

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The Success of the Bolsheviks in Gaining Power in Russia by 1922 In February 1917, the Bolshevik party was small and irrelevant. The leadership was abroad and there was little consistency of purpose among the party in Russia. However, by the summer of 1922, the Bolsheviks had become the dominant force, and a new communist state had emerged from their success. The purpose of this essay is to explain this transformation. The abdication of Tsar Nicholas II and the collapse of the Romanov dynasty threw Russia into a state of turmoil. The elites had withdrawn their support for the Tsar after a series of disastrous defeats in the war and continued social and economic problems. In the wake of the…show more content…
Despite the financial considerations, the Provisional Government felt obliged to continue the war out of a sense of loyalty to Britain and France. In addition, they were reluctant to leave the war without salvaging some prestige and pride from the current situation. They were still hopeful of an allied victory. However, the decision to continue with the war was to prove extremely unfortunate. It was unpopular, as there appeared to be few aims to the continued fighting. The government quickly lost the support of a large proportion of the troops. These disillusioned peasants in uniform provided excellent targets for Bolshevik propaganda. What is more, the Russian situation in the war worsened and humiliating defeat began to loom large on the horizon. Russia was a poverty stricken, backward power in 1917. It also had a majority peasant population. The continuation of the war meant that the key issues of 'peace, bread and land' that Lenin so aptly highlighted could not be addressed. Reforms and visible improvement in the peasant way of life were vital if the government wished to gain their support and maintain its power. However, revolutionary forces, suppressed under Tsarist Russia came to the surface under the new, weaker and less repressive Provisional Government to create a body known as the Soviet. This body created a
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