The Case Of Kent V. United States

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The Supreme Court is the highest judicial court in the country or the state, they take judicial precedence over all over courts in the nation. Every year the Supreme Court receives about ten thousand petitions and if four Justices agree to grant the petitions then, the Supreme Court will consider the case. Out of all the cases there are only about one-hundred or fewer cases that they will chose a year. I will be discussing seven well known cases that were selected and decided on. These cases went on trial for months until the jury and judge could make a decision. Unfortunately, these cases were tried unfairly, missing key evidence in some way. According to the Kent v. United States case, on January 19, 1966, “sixteen-year-old Morris A. Kent, who was held and questioned by the police in linking with several incidents involving robbery and rape. Kent does admit his involvement in the crimes presented and the juvenile court waived its jurisdiction. When that happens, its proceedings take place in the public courtrooms rather than closed. Also, the penalties for adults are going to be harsher rather than a juvenile would be. Once that happened Kent was put on trial in the district court. District court resolve disputes by determining the facts and applying legal principles to decide who is right. However, Kent moved to dismiss the prosecution because the juvenile court did not conduct a “full investigation” before waiving the case. He also did not receive a hearing, access to

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