The Supreme Court Of The United States Essay

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Introduction Have you ever wondered why the Supreme Court was founded and what does it do? Our forefathers thought about how they wanted this country to be after fighting so hard to gain their independence. So, they created and wrote the United States Constitution, a living masterpiece that was designed to establish a strong government and yet flexible enough keep the “society’s need for order while protecting the individual’s right to freedom”. To ensure this protection by and for the Constitution, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) was established as the highest court in America. As the final decision maker, the justices are the guardians and interpreters charged with guaranteeing all the citizens of this great land of ours, the promise of “equal justice under the law.” In fact, word to that effect are above the main doorway into the Supreme Court Building. However, it was not until 1803, that the Supreme Court administered their power of judicial review by overturning laws/legislation that were deemed unconstitutional, stating they had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution (The Court, 2016). The rest is history so to speak.
This paper focuses on the landmark Supreme Court decisions that have changed how our juvenile justice system operates currently. Starting with the case Kent v. United States that got the juvenile ball rolling on changing its procedures.
Kent v. United States The police detained a 16-year-old boy named, Morris A. Kent, Jr.…

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