The Symbols Of The Amaterasu Empire

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In the Southern part of Santa Barbara a female Asian assassin makes her way through the ruins of the city. She is wearing a silver cobra decorated breast and back plate with a corselet followed by armbands, wrist bracers, knee guards and hip lace leather shorts. The breastplate illuminates a green neon glow. Spectra has been a huntress for over five years and was raised in the Empire of Amaterasu hidden deep in the San Bernardino Mountains. The Amaterasu Empire was built decades ago and has become a symbol of her people. Amaterasu Palace has shinning green roof tiles, golden doors and lustrous white walls. Inside are complex wooden buildings with verandas, raised several feet from the ground on wooded pilings to better …show more content…

Her father and brother trained her in the experts of martial arts and kickboxing shortly after her mother’s death. Spectra decided to become a huntress when she was sixteen years old. Her brother is also an assassin that hunts in the Oakland Wastelands. They remember her mother as a loving and nurturing person whose death changed their way of life forever. The silver Ninja Master sword that she carries on her back was handed curved by her father. It was a gift for her bravery and courage to face the unknown. The sword is carried in a red lacquer scabbard with applied spiral helical bands of gold leaf. Metal fittings are of gold with the tsuba of shakudâ. The ray-skin grip of the hilt has been lacquered black before being bound in black silk over a gold menuki. They are a peaceful people who do not believe in violence and welcomed anyone in the palace. They are a community made of farmers and laborers, where weapons of any type are not permitted on the palace grounds. They are all stored in the

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