The Team Members Arrived At Business Library At 6pm

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We held our first meeting on October 25, 2015. All of the team members arrived in business library at 3pm. We started by creating one Google Doc and one Google Spreadsheet because it is the most efficient way for everyone to work on the different problems at the same time. The second meeting was on October 27 at 2 pm to wrap up problems and to work on case report. Chen started to work on problem A, April was assigned to problem B and problem D. Fiona was assigned to problem D and a part of problem E. Yunhua Wan has accomplished part of Welburn Income Statement and problem H. For question A, the reason we pick these account balance is because we believe that these accounts represent the overall financial position for Pinnacle Manufacturing Company. We use (the latest year - the prior year)/prior year to get the year-to-year change in account balance. According to background information, the company acquired a new division, Machine-Tech, in 2012. Because of this action, Income from Operation decreased dramatically and Operating Expense increased. Also, according to background information, Pinnacle’s board of directors has recently considered selling the Machine-Tech division in order to focus more on core operations—engine manufacturing. However, before any sale will be made, the board has agreed to evaluate this year’s operating results. Excellent operating results may have the effect of keeping the division a part of Pinnacle for the next few years. The vice president for
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