The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” Analysis and Opinion Edgar Allen Poe, born January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts, is famously known for his tales and poems of horror and mystery that evoked the interest of readers worldwide, and still do to this day. Some background about Poe is that his father, David Poe Jr., left his family early in Poe’s life, and his mother, Elizabeth Arnold Poe, died when Poe was just three years old due to tuberculosis. He had to be separated from his sister, Rosalie, and his brother, William, and eventually ended up living with John and Frances Valentine Allan in Richmond Virginia, where he became a prolific poet by the age of thirteen. Unfortunately, his talent was beat-down by his headmaster, John Allan, who would have liked Poe to follow in his footsteps and work for the family business. Poe was said to have preferred poetry over profit. He became heavily in debt when John Allan would not aid him in paying for his studies at University of Virginia in 1826. Poe resorted to gambling in order to pay the difference, but ended up in debt. He travelled to places such as: New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Richmond in search of opportunity. He finally caught a break when one of his many short stories won a contest in the Baltimore Saturday Visiter, and eventually began to publish more and more short stories. Poe’s struggle to become a great writer and ignore the people who did not believe in him or his work is what helps make Poe’s pieces all the
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