The Tell Tale Heart Short Story

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In short story of The Tell-Tale Heart the narrator and the victim both play a significant part in understanding the reasons behind the crime committed. There is little known about the victim, other than he was in his bedroom. He was in his bed every night when the narrator came into his room for seven days straight before committing the crime on the eighth day. The narrator shows little reason for the senseless murder, leaving the reader with many questions. Is it the vulture, pale blue eye, that made him feel so uneasy? Did he have a past with the older gentlemen? All are question a reader are left to wonder even after the short story comes to an end. The narrator, the murderer, seems to be a dark, mental disturbed individual and he had …show more content…

Things began to fall apart unexpectly. The neighbors had heard a shriek and placed a call to the police. The knock at the door reveals three offices. Still, no concern or worry. As the cops come in the narrator is very confident and has no problems showing them around the room. Overall, he was quiet friendly and chatty with the cops. The arrogance and confidence after he committed such a horrendous murder starts to reveal the mental stability of the man. Although he was still acting as if nothing was wrong. The cops suspecting nothing at this point. Walking around a crime scene that appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was cleaned and there was no reason for them to suspect anything different. The calm appearance of the gentlemen gave no indication that something was wrong. As everything seemed to be going his way something happens that left him feeling a little disturbed. Paranoid and having many feelings and emotions, things are starting to cave in on this man. Mentally the narrator was finally breaking down. What he heard was terrifying. But was it real? The floorboards beneath them are beginning to tell all. There is a faint heartbeat that gets louder and louder. At this point it is getting so loud he is sure the officers are hearing the heartbeat. Guilt is so overwhelming that mentally he gave up. Finally having a breakdown, the narrator confesses everything to the cops. As he is loosing control of the situation he

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