The Tempest Power

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Power , the ability to control drives people to do horrible things to keep it. What would you do to keep it?, How long would it take to slide down the moral slope? This is the issue for the characters in The Tempest.After his brother betrays him and steals his throne,The protagonist, Prospero cause a storm bringing every one involved with the theft of his dukedom to the island he has been on since he was exiled .Prospero with the help of his spirt Ariel Reich and manipulate his enemies.The was a struggle between Prospero and his brother ,but also within the castaways there were plots to kill for power.Each of the scenes in The Tempest supports the main ideal?In Willam Shakespeare's play The Tempest he use conflict to further develop the theme of a struggle for power.
In the Tempest the different conflicts between the castaways show how much darkness a lust for power can bring out on a person affected by the opportunity to acquire it.This is l when Stefan( one of the castaways ) says " I'll kill this man and his daughter and I shall be king and queen "?The story is filled with this kind of problem throughout the …show more content…

People will always lust for power in an attempt It if not for Ariels warning and Prospero's magic would have taken another life for to achieve his own power hungry

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