The Term Effects Of The Columbian Exchange On The Old World

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When people think of the Columbian Exchange they remember all of the great things such as the exchange of goods that we cherish today. Things such as crops, ideas, and animals between the Old World(Afro-Eurasia) and the New World(The Americas) that helped to cultivate the world we live in today.But at what price did this diffusion of goods cost? Although the Columbian Exchange brought the goods we value today such as animals, plants, and the exchange of ideas, It would also bring long term effects of worse nature such as diseases,deforestation, discrimination against indigenous people, and slaves. The Columbian Exchange was the cultivation of goods spreading between the Old World and the New World. When the Europeans began to sow Old …show more content…

Without the help of Pope Francis today, there wouldn’t be anyone who says that indigenous people must have say about their land. He says that nothing should happen on-or impact- their land, territories, and resources unless they agree to it. Because of Pope Francis he’s correcting the mistakes of the Columbian Exchange. Francis is giving the Indigenous people their right back, letting them continue to nurture, and protect their native land that was obstructed from them by the Europeans. The second way that the Columbian Exchange in fact wasn’t a great settlement is because this caused the Middle Passage, which is otherwise known as the Triangle Trade, or Slave Trade. When the Europeans couldn’t get the Indians to acquiesce to them the turned to the Africans who the said had better physical capacity, and resisted better to the climate. When the Europeans went to seize the Africans and bring them to the New World there were some consequences that came with that. Such as revolts,and disturbances. Also, the slaves were all squeezed into a small boat and this wasn’t very hygienic which caused the spread of different diseases such as the white flux, and smallpox which killed over half of the slaves that was getting transported to the New World. When over half of the slaves died this caused the Europeans to become mad, but if they never tried to transport the slaves at all then they

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