The Termination Of A Life

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Termination of a life is a very disputable issue that one could stimulate an enormous amount of emotions on both sides of the fence. Many that are against women having an abortion would call it murder, and condemn the woman for playing God. The fact of someone taking life in their own hands, of judging who lives and who dies is unacceptable is one side of the disagreement. The other side is the pregnancy dangerous for the mother or the child to come to full term, this constitutes a medical emergency for a decision to abort the child. When the laws give options to whether or not to have a child only makes it easy for the person to make a choice of aborting a pregnancy as a form of birth control. In fact, the outcome of this act could lead to physical and emotional strain on the well-being of the women.
Worldwide, abortion claims 1.72 billion lives each year for unborn children due to unwanted pregnancies by the mother (Billions, 2016). It is morally unethical to deliberate removal a fetus from the mother’s womb to cause death to the unborn child. This action is premeditated murder of a human being. Once the baby is conceived the intentions of being born as a human being is always notable for its existence in the world. To judge rather a baby should be born or not is a strong moral justification of the person making the decision. It is absolutely wrong to end the life of a human being only for the purpose of accommodation, negligence of birth control, or financial

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