The Theater Strategy And Campaigning

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USAWC Theater Strategy and Campaigning – The Role of Landpower in the Achievement of National Strategic Objectives in the JIIM Environment

“This nation takes action in the international arena aimed at influencing human activity and the environments in which that activity occurs. It could not be otherwise, as all institutions – states, corporations, NGOs, etc. - are populated, controlled, and directed by people. Influencing these people - be they heads of state, tribal elders, militaries and their leaders or even an entire population - remains essential to securing U.S. interests.
All elements of national power have an important role in these interactions with other nations and peoples.”

Strategic Landpower White Paper (2013) This statement at a glance gives the reader insight into why landpower is so important to the nation’s defense. Landpower functions in concert with the whole of government; which make United States(US) policies and alliances more effective than they would be if they were employed in isolation. This paper will analyze the role of Landpower in the achievement of national strategic objectives in peace, conflict, and war, and discuss the relevant interdependencies of the domains of conflict as they relate to the application of Landpower anywhere in the world. This paper will also highlight the unique role of Landpower in a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) environment, as a member of
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