The Theme Of Carpe Diem In A Dead Poets Society

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Theme in A Dead Poets Society “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin” (Mother Teresa). A Dead Poets Society takes place in an all boys academy, with little freedom the boys live their lives by the school's rules, and those of their upper class families. After meeting Mr. Keating the boys experience a change of heart, they discover something called the Dead Poets Society. The Dead Poets Society is a group created to read inspirational poetry and it is also a get away from their sometimes stressful lives. Immediately the boys begin gaining courage and start following their own dreams rather than those passed down by their parents. Carpe diem, which means seize the day, is the motto the boys live by. Throughout the movie the theme carpe diem can be seen in the characters, style, and symbolism. Characters in A Dead Poets Society help to portray the theme by symbolizing certain life lesson. The boys overcome their fears in order to reach their personal goals. Mr. Keating the boys english teacher, inspires the boys after they discover he was a member of the old Dead Poets Society. He teaches his english class in a way that makes the boys realize they need to fulfill their dreams. After Neil’s father has told him to stop continuing with his acting career and to focus on becoming a doctor, Mr. Keating gives him advice to follow his dreams as long as he can do so successfully. Mr. Keating motivates Neil, and the others to live in the moment,

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