The Theme Of Death In Albert Camus's The Stranger

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In his novel The Stranger, albert camus gives expression to his philosophy of the absurd. The novel may be a first-person account of the life of M. Meursault from the time of his mother's death up to a time plainly just before his execution for the murder of an Arab. The central theme is that the importance of human life is known solely in light of mortality, or the actual fact of death; and in showing Meursault's consciousness change through the course of events, Camus shows however facing the chance of death will have a control on one's perception of life.
The novel begins with the death of Meursault's mother. though he attends the ceremony, he doesn't request to visualize the body, although he finds it fascinating to think about the …show more content…

He has the fatalistic feeling that "what's done is finished," and later explains that he has ne'er regretted something as a result of he has perpetually been to absorbed by the current moment or by the immediate future to hesitate the past (127).
In a sense, Meursault is often tuned in to the meaninglessness of all endeavors within the face of death: he has no ambition to advance socio-economically; he's indifferent regarding being friends with Raymond and regarding marrying Marie; etc. however this awareness is somehow ne'er intense enough to involve awareness that's, he ne'er reflects on the that means of death for him till he's in jail awaiting execution. Of course, the "meaning" of another's death is sort of distinction from the "meaning" of one's own death. With the previous, one not sees that person again; with the latter, one's terribly consciousness, as so much as we all know, simply ends blit! as a tv image ends once the set is changed. Death marks all things equal, and equally absurd. And death itself is absurd within the sense that reason or the rational mind cannot upset it: it's a bygone conclusion, nevertheless it remains associate unsuccessful risk till some indeterminate future time. The "meaning" of death isn't rational however,

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