Brother In The Scarlet Ibis By James Hurst

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Have you ever been ashamed of who your family is or the role they played in your life? Well, in the short story The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst, there is a conflict about a the narrator, who is brother in the story. He feels that he is to be blamed for the tragic incident of his little brother Doodle. You will soon learn the concept of family being valued. Family is a gift that will last forever, even if you anticipated you have lost it. This story mentions the birth of Doodle, the brother's shame towards Doodle, the symbol of the scarlet ibis, and the death of a younger brother. On October 8,1911, Brother was seven years old when he and his family welcomed his newborn brother. The little baby was finally named after three months, since everyone …show more content…

A heavy, dreadful storm came that evening. As Doodle and Brother run back home, Brother runs ahead not bothering to look back because of anger and frustration of wanting Doodle to be normal and dependent on his own. When he calms down, he looks back to see Doodle but sees no sign of him. He heads back searching for Doodle, suddenly seeing him curled up a bush and says, "Let's go, Doodle". Brother approaches him finding him bleeding from the mouth with no response. Realizing he had lost his little doodlebug because of shame and guilt of wanting a normal brother. Brother crying, puts his body over Doodle trying to protect his brother from the …show more content…

To clarify, from the day Doodle came into the world, Brother felt the need to have him fit in with others. To enumerate, he did not want Doodle to be a burden in his life. To conclude all this, hopefully everyone will value family and stand by one another no matter what. Remember you do not get to choose the family you want because it was a gift from God to you, as they are to you. Family are like branches on a tree, we grow in many ways, but we are united by

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