The Theme Of Symbolism In 'The Kite Runner'

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“The tree was ours” (27). Symbols in literature can represent a multitude ideas and there is no shortage of important symbols in The Kite Runner. However, in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, one important reoccurring symbol is the pomegranate tree which drives the theme of love and relationships and is a physical symbol of progression throughout the novel. The recurring symbol of the pomegranate can be viewed as a physical symbol of progression and time passing throughout the novel. The pomegranate tree is first mentioned in Amir and Hassan’s youth when they sit under it for shade and Amir will read to Hassan. The tree is indicative of their childhood innocence and the times they share. Hosseini states “Sitting cross-legged, sunlight and shadows of pomegranate leaves dancing on his face, Hassan absently plucked blades of grass from the ground as I read him stories he couldn't read for himself” (28). Here Amir and Hassan are children sitting under a tree and enjoying their innocence. The next time the pomegranate tree is brought up in the novel is after the pivotal scene of Hassan being sexually abused by Assef and Amir watching while doing nothing to help. Amir is ashamed that he did not take action and can barely function. Hassan invites Amir to go with him to hike up the hill to the pomegranate tree and Amir accepts the invitation. As they approach the tree, Hosseini states, “We sat under our pomegranate tree and I knew I'd made a mistake. I shouldn't have

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