The Themes Of Tom Sawyer

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“Tom had struggled with his pride a few days… feeling miserable… There was distraction in the thought. He no longer took an interest in war, not even in piracy. The charm of life was gone; there was nothing but dreariness left. He put his hoop away, and his bat; there was no more joy in them anymore” (Twain 91) The following passage demonstrates to the readers that Tom Sawyer is facing problems that are affecting him from doing any of his usual secret troubles. Once Tom noticed that Becky Thatcher had stop going to school, he attempted to “whistle her down the wind”, but didn’t work. This put Tom in a very depressed mood. He was so depressed that even Tom’s Aunt was worried about him. Tom’s Aunt started to try all manners of remedies to see if it would help get Tom to break his indifference. This soon lead her into using …show more content…

“She gave Tom a teaspoonful and watched with the deepest anxiety for the result...her soul at peace again; for the “indifference” was broken up” (Twain 93). The group agrees with this quote because it shows a lot about how Tom is facing some depression. Tom’s problems are getting in his way of doing his everyday things.
‘Well, we’ll let the cry-baby go home to his mother, won’t we, Huck? Poor thing — does it want to see its mother?... Huck could not bear the look, and dropped his eyes. Then he said: ‘I want to go, too, Tom. It was getting so lone- some anyway, and now it’ll be worse...‘I won’t! You can all go, if you want to... He [Tom] made one final struggle with his pride, and then darted after his comrades, yelling: ‘Wait! Wait! I want to tell you something!’ They presently stopped and turned around. When he got to where they were, he began unfolding his secret, and they listened moodily till at last they saw the ‘point’ he was driving at, and then they set up a war-whoop of applause

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