The Theory Of Criminal Behavior Essay

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Throughout history a lot of experts have tried to understand why some people feel the need to commit crimes, even though there have been harsh laws enforced for those who commit crimes. These people have come up with theories as to why people commit crimes to understand these theories, we must understand what a crime is and understand the definition of theories.
Crime is a human conduct that violates the laws of a state or the federal government. There are different ways people view criminal behaviors either through the view of the social problem perspective which blames the society and the social responsibility which blames the person who committed the crime. Through these two perspectives we get the idea of theories. A theory is a comprehensive explanation about certain experiences which are based on facts that have been gathered overtime. These theories explain the mental reason people are more pushed to commit crimes. Theories like Robert Agnews’ General Strain Theory has given us an explanation as to phenomena criminal behavior. In 1992 strain theory was reformulated by Robert Agnew and called the general strain theory. Agnew felt as though that strain theory was not fully explaining the main reason people are pushed to commit crimes, so he came up with a theory he felt was a better explanation and a reason as to why crimes were committed.
The concept of general strain theory comes from the idea that people commit crimes to use it as a means of copping with the

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