The Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection Essay

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It was stated that Darwinism refutes typology. From the time of the Pythagoreans and Plato, the general concept of the diversity of the world emphasized its invariance and stability. Darwinism rejects all supernatural phenomena and causations. The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the adaptedness and diversity of the world solely materialistically. It no longer requires God as the creator or designer .Darwin pointed out that creation, as described in the bible and the origin accounts of other cultures, was contradicted by almost any aspect of the natural world. Randolph M. Nesse & George C. Williams. Mayr believed that Lamarck did not hold life as a mysterious non-physical force or that it had any goal to accomplish or direction it was heading, contrary to later popular misconceptions, in this way Mayr believed the he was neither a fatalist nor a teleost. Instead, he saw the environment as the driving force for evolution unlike Darwin, who considered that the environment sorted out the end results of natural variation. It was said that Lamarck also held that organs were strengthened in the way they were inherited through use, and weaken through disuse. Darwin’s theory of natural selection lacked an adequate account of inheritance, making it incomplete. Darwin was unable to interpret his own data. (Oller, page 274) Regardless of the evidence from the fossil records, peopled still questioned the validity of all Darwin’s theory. Most politicians and religious
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