The Theory Of Self Orientation

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Self-Orientation in a Confusing World The conscious essence is what defines each person as an individual. In the adolescent years one establishes their true self and begins to feel out their adult personality as they mature and grow as a person. For some this is a daunting task filled with confusion and self-doubt. The existentialist movement focuses on the independence of an individual to shape their lives through choices which help create their own values and give meaning to their own lives. The absurdity of the natural world, authenticity of the individual, and the angst that comes with life, which define existentialism, would manifest themselves with the end of World War II and the onset of the Cold War. These same beliefs can be seen…show more content…
However, when presented with the chance to do something that isn’t innocent, that an adult would do, he backs down, especially with women. Upon receiving the number of a promiscuous girl, Faith Cavendish, from Carl Luce, he calls her. He asks her on a date, however it is very late and she asks to meet up with him the next day. Holden, instead of accepting, says that, “‘[He] can 't make it tomorrow. Tonight’s the only time [he] can make it.’” (Salinger 9). Holden constantly tries to pass himself in public as an adult, but whenever given a chance to mature himself, he instead clings onto the last thread of innocence he has left. He calls with the intention of fooling around with this girl he has heard is rather frisky, and instead ostracizes himself to keep from having to break out of the limbo of adolescence. This in itself isn’t even Holden’s best opportunity to lose his virginity. In his ongoing soul search Holden once again decides to partake in an adult like activity. After booking a hotel room he is offered a prostitute on the elevator ride. After telling the man he is twenty two he awaits the prostitute. Once she arrives and takes off her top Holden states he was feeling depressed and asks her, ‘“Don 't you feel like talking for a while?" I asked her. It was a childish thing to say, but I was feeling so damn peculiar.’" (Salinger 13) Holden knows that the prostitute is willing to have
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