The Third Wave Of Feminism

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Feminism is an individual’s dedication to a political, social, and economic movement for equality (Haslanger 1). Globally, tons of women are still being denied the right to go to school and do not have the privileges to other basic rights (Yousafzai 327). Women should be able to speak for themselves and enjoy life to whatever extent that means to each lady (Nelson 2). Feminism is a positive movement that fights for all women's rights, empowers other females, and raises awareness about discrimination to adolescents. Six in ten and one-third of women call themselves feminists (“Poll” 1). Many of their ideals follow the lines that discrimination against women is sexism, just as racism is a form of inequality. Women’s liberation was very first recognized in the United States in 1964 (History 2). Throughout the past couple of decades, there have been three waves of the feminist movement (GotQuestions 1). The first wave occurred between the 19th and early 20th century. Women in that time period fought for their basic political rights. Throughout the 1960’s to the 1970’s was the most popular wave still yet, the second. Feminists united to be granted greater political rights as well as equality. Once many of women’s wishes were fulfilled, the third wave of feminism came booming into existence. From the 1990’s to present day, individuals of this modern motion aim to critique much of the second wave and focus on the identity of differences between women and men. They also look for
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