The Threat Of Nuclear Terrorism

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Nuclear Terrorism Introduction to Homeland Security Victor Reyes Valencia College Abstract Nuclear terrorism can take a variety of forms. The most frequently discussed form involves a terrorist group either stealing a nuclear weapon or building a nuclear device using stolen or illegally purchased nuclear material. This paper explores the dangers and threats of Nuclear Terrorism. It also goes in depth with how the government’s actions have prevented groups, countries and homegrown terrorist associations from starting a nuclear attack. The research that has been done on this paper comes from information from both online and offline sources. This paper contains information from both the NSA archive and from the Valencia College Database. In reading this I hope you grasp a better understanding of how the dangers of Nuclear Terrorism. Nuclear Terrorism Introduction Before 9/11 Americans thought that the United States was one of the biggest powers in the world. They thought that they were untouchable. However as the towers were falling and the pentagon was hit they realized that America was like every other country. The United States citizens have become aware of the fact that the world is a dangerous place, and the United States was not immune to attacks from foreigners. This created something known as the fear of terrorism which had a mental affect among many of the United States citizens. According to study done by the University of Albany in 2007.

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