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The Three Mile Island Accident

When someone thinks of problems plaguing the world, nuclear energy is not the first thing that comes to peoples minds these days.[1]Nuclear power was once deemed the new energy of the future.[2]However, numerous nuclear power plant accidents around the world put a damper on that notion.The United States considers itself one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, but 103 nuclear reactors currently operating within her borders, one was bound to fail sometime or another.[3]

Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station is on an island that is located about 10 miles from the town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.The plant housed two nuclear reactors, Unit 1 and Unit 2.Now there is only one that …show more content…

his led to the melting of the fuel and a drastic increase in radioactivity within the reactor coolant.This also resulted in leaks in the coolant system, which led to small amounts of radiation escaping into the environment.[7]

This accident has been, by far the worst nuclear power plant accident within the borders of the United States.However, the studies conducted by governmental groups such as the Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC), the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Health, Department of Energy, and the State of Pennsylvania as well as numerous independent organizations have deemed that the accident at Three Mile Island had very little, if an at all, effects on the health of the communities surrounding the plant.[8]
Studies show that the estimated average dose of radiation to the approximated 2 million people in the vicinity of the accident was only about 1 millirem.In order to show how much this dosage is, the average chest x-ray eposes a person to about 6 millirems.Also, the people around the plant are exposed to about 100 millirems to begin with due to the natural environment they live in.[9]

Also, there were studies done on the effects of the radiation released in to the environment due the accident.There were many samples of air, water, and vegetation taken by people who were monitoring the area, and none concluded that the accident caused damaging effects on the environment.[10]

Since the accident, there have been many new regulations

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