The Time Of The End

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To understand the end time, or the end of this present age as we know it, you must first understand that in the Bible the “time of the end” spans from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. Since it is often difficult for most people to find the time to study the Bible from cover to cover, it will be my job to highlight one of the most important threshold moments of the end time era for your understanding, and let that serve as a quick reference to knowledge that you so desperately need. Time is of the essence! In Last Call for The Church, you will get a truly unique understanding of the Rapture as it applies to a collective body of believers, referred to in the Bible as a bride, or better known as the church. Every effort has been made to present precept upon precept from the viewpoint of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Let me begin by saying, I did not want to write this book. I pleaded with God for five years to please find someone else to give this call to the church. I begged Him just like Moses did, "please find someone else, someone more qualified than me, someone who speaks better than me," (Exodus 4:13 NIV). I was clearly having my very own “burning bush” moment with God. I was denying my calling by coming up with every excuse possible, and I knew it! God had caught my attention, and He might as well have been speaking to me from a burning bush. It was just that unreal! I mean, I saw it in the spirit; I heard it in the spirit; and I just could not believe

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