The Tortilla Curtain, By. Boyle

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We live in a very diverse country when it comes to race and ethnicity. Although we try to get along with those who are not like us in color or race, doing so can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Our country is diverse, yet there is so much prejudice towards certain “types” of people that we shield ourselves from others and create our “perfect” in-group. A group in which only those who are like us can join and share their ideas. There is nothing wrong with forming cliques; however, problems arise when certain cliques look down on different ethnic groups to the point of damaging and hurting others. The Tortilla Curtain, which is written by T.C. Boyle, points out many of the problems that are seen among different ethnic groups. In the book, Boyle demonstrated the difficulties that can develop among individuals when communication is limited, but also when we discriminate against others. In The Tortilla Curtain, T.C. Boyle argues that communication is essential for a society to prosper, prejudice can lead to misunderstandings, and that one individual can make their whole ethnic group look bad. Throughout the book Boyle presents several examples in which white individuals see themselves as better and criticize Hispanics or those who are not like them harshly. Boyle points out several generalizations made by white individuals, he says that “people like this Mexican or whatever he was who were responsible, thoughtless people, stupid people, who wanted to turn the whole

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