The Tradition Of Dogma And Despotism

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Throughout the period dubbed the long century between 1685-1815. Scientific, political and philosophical understanding experienced a radical reconstruction. The venerable traditions of dogma and despotism began to be denounced and rebutted. Age-old political institutions became the focal point of intellectual discussion and the ideas developed from these debates formed the fundamental components of modern democracy and Communism. When discussing the Enlightenment, it is worthy to note that it did not occur in one geographical location in a short space of time, but more rather spanned across many countries such as Germany, England and France. The Enlightenment and its thinkers inspired revolutions in England, America and France, which marked the end of area that untimely gave way to Romanticism. Due to the vast assortment of philosophical ideas, this essay aims to portray the developments in political thought as a set of general strands of thought, as appose to precise theories. This essay can be seen as a discussion of the origins, nature and contested status of the most important strands of political thought spawned of this era with a consideration of the affects such ideas have had on the political organization of civilisations. As Skinner, Pocock and Collini noted, in order to understand the development of aforementioned ideas the context in which they were derived from must first be understood and related to contemporary conceptual paradigms and Ideological debate .

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