The Tragedy Of Medea By William Shakespeare

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1. Medea’s husband, Jason, decided to marry the princess of Corinth. Medea was sentenced to be exiled by Creon, the king of Corinth, because he believed she posed a threat to the royal family. Medea became deeply upset and enraged at her exile situation and Jason for causing these issues. She devised a clever plan, and ended up causing the deaths of the princess and her father, Creon. However, Medea decided that she must also kill her children. She murdered her children because she felt that their deaths would cause Jason to endure the most suffering. Medea would be placed in Caina, the first ring of the ninth circle in Inferno. She would be placed here because she betrayed her kin when she killed her own children. While she also killed the princess and king of Corinth, her betrayal of kin was the worst sin she committed because she did not have personal ties to Corinth, the princess, or the king. Therefore, her placement in hell would be dependent upon her betrayal of kin. Her punishment here would include being frozen in a lake of ice, with only her head above the surface. Even if her teeth chattered here, her mouth would probably be frozen shut. Her punishment in Caina would be justified because it would represent her sin that she committed on Earth. After she murdered her children, she did not feel any remorse at all. She was only glad that she succeeded in causing Jason’s pain. By killing her own children, she proved that she is extremely cold-hearted.

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