The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice Essay

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A talented poet and playwright writer, William Shakespeare came during the golden age of England. His writings are the greatest in the English language. No one really know Shakespeare real birthday. The closet date the scholars can come up is on his baptism on April 24th, 1564. It has been over 400 years since his death; Shakespeare’s writing is not just limited to English scholars, but also appears on modern historical events and newspaper as well. Playwright and poetry are an art that appeals to the conscious mind, but the best classical playwright such as Othello not only appeals to conscious mind, but also to the subconscious mind. “The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice,” written by William Shakespeare from the sixteenth …show more content…
Shakespeare takes this classic theory and idea from Aristotle, a mentor that he has met earlier in his writing career. Shakespeare creates Desdemona, a daughter of a Venetian senator marries Othello a high military ranking back then. Their marriage might have lasted had it not been interfered by one fictional evil character Iago. Iago blames on Cassio and Othello for seducing his wife, Emilia. Another reason Iago is jealous is because Othello has proven his military skills and knowledge to the people of Venice and is given a high rank General for his strength and loyalty (Newton, 3, 5).
Shakespeare does not label his characters, but rather gives them the freedom. This explains why playwrights such as The Tragedy of Othello are a good example of a tragic event and an excellent example for “Renaissance humanism. It is through freedom that allows Shakespeare to create each of his character with unique personalities. The Tragedy of Othello is a theme of deceitful; Where Iago deceives many of the characters in the play. The focus of Othello is the center on the love relationship between Othello and his wife. Iago uses Othello’s jealousy and Desdemona’s innocence to ruin and separate their love. The protagonist Othello himself comes to disaster because of his own character’s flaw which ending his own love relationship with his wife Desdemona
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