The Transformation Of Organ Donation

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Transformation of Organ Donation in China
Lei Zhang, Li Zeng, Xinpu Gao, Haibo Wang and Youhua Zhu
1 Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China
2 Shanghai Organ Donation Office, Shanghai, China
3 China Organ Donation Management Center, Red Cross Society of China, Beijing, China
4 The China Organ Transplant Response System Research Center, Shenzhen, China
5 The Committee of Experts of China Organ Donation, China
4 March 2015
Volume 28, Issue 4
Submitted by Ruben Serrato
March 20, 2017
Period 1

Introduction The article I chose is about organ donation in China and how its donation system is changing in order to improve its deplorable conditions. Before I did any research I knew that China did not have a …show more content…

China began to receive heavy criticism from around the world on their organ donation system. This began to threaten the advancement of the organ donation system calling for China to improve the system. China began this reformation vigorously when “at the World Health Organization Transplantation Senior Management Conference held in July 2005, Professor Jiefu Huang, then Vice Minister of Health of China, for the first time admitted publicly to the international community of the source of organs for transplantation in China”. China progression on the system required the establishment of new government departments by the Ministry of Health. Experts were consulted and solutions were created resulting in the completion of a donation system. The system contained new aspects such as “regulations and policies, organizational structure, operational guidelines and criteria, organ procurement, registration of donors and recipients, an organ allocation system, and education programs for the public and professionals”. Departments such as the Regulation on Human Organ Transplantation are examples of Chinas efforts to reform the Organ donation system, this department’s duties are to ensure that organs donated are voluntarily donated and that the process is fair and transparent the entire way. As of the publication of this article, the Ministry of Health has established 30 supporting management

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