The Transformation Of Society In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The central message Ray Bradbury is warning his readers within the novel Fahrenheit 451 is the direction society is heading into failing themselves. The notability and progression of this theme is simple to see in today's society as the novel was written in 1953 and some of the predictions are not far off from what can be seen in the current time period. Within the novel, Bradbury plays on this theme by displaying the numb and sameness the technology in Montag’s society is causing its citizens.The society cares very little for individual lives as shown by how fast paced and careless people are with the technology. Since majority of the people in this society spend their time doing activities involving this great technology, books are being …show more content…

The drivers are careless and so bored, without ever knowing Montag is a fugitive, they try to hit him. Montag’s society is so preoccupied with the technology, it blinds them of basic human values which could easily be taught by reading a book and educating themselves.
Preoccupied with the newest technology, citizens in Montag’s society have banned books. In their perspective as described by Captain Beatty, he sums up that books are seen as a waste of time because they take so long “Speed up the film, Montag, quick. Click, Pic, Look, Eye, Now, Flick, Here, There” (54). Beatty goes on a long speech about how society is fast paced, for example, television shows are being cut down and many other sources of media becoming condensed. Since throughout the development of society, book burning became more common and people were not very impacted on an individual level. Due to this normalization of burning books, citizens became scared of what they did not know and conformed to society. For this same reason, Clarisse is casted out since she is different. People in Montag's society fear books since they are different and not common/normal. Mrs. Phelps cried when Montag read the poetry claiming she did not know why she was crying. Mrs. Bowles protected her stating poetry is about “tears, poetry and suicide and crying and aweful feelings” (101). Montag’s society is scared

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