The Treatment Of Liver Transplant Patients

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Introduction The Madison Veterans Hospital has a goal to become more accessible to its liver transplant patients. Liver Transplant patients are an obscure sup group of veterans to pay attention to. The Madison Veterans Hospital focuses on liver transplant patients because it is a new program within the hospital and is the second most common type of transplant. Liver transplants in veterans are primarily a result of hepatitis C, Nonalcoholic Steatohepatis, and liver cancer. Vietnam veterans are most likely to undergo liver transplants because they were exposed to Agent Orange, which leads to liver disease. Since the Madison Veterans Hospital is one of six veterans hospitals in the United States to provide liver transplant it is working diligently to improve the unit. A perfect improvement for the Madison’s Veterans is currently being done at the Pittsburgh Veterans Hospital in Pennsylvania. It is currently using a virtual care program that utilizes Clinical Video Telehealth, Store and Forward Telehealth, Home Telehealth, Secure Messaging, E-Consults, and SCAN-ECHO. This program allows patients and specialists to converse without making rural patients travel to the hospital. It uses video conferencing to make the process simpler. Madison’s Veterans Hospital would try this innovation on liver transplant patients; if it worked well within the first year it would expand to all transplant units. Before this innovation could be
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