The Treaty Of The Nuclear Weapons

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GREAT POWER TREATY CONDITIONS TO CONSIDER Recommit to No First Use Policy If the nuclear bearing countries recommit themselves to fully embrace the idea of a no first use of their nuclear weapons against another country, then this will be an important step to abolishing the weapons. Although in 1982, the Soviet Union declared its intention of a no first use policy but it did not really stop them from deploying and upgrading their weapons. For this condition to hold, it would entail sweeping and substantial changes to US and Russian nuclear deployments, with each nation needing only to retain a second deterrent strike. China pledged to a no first use policy in 1964 and it has maintained the same position. India stated its position in 2013…show more content…
Legislative measures Here States parties would be required to pass legislation in their home legislative branch of government to make it a law of the land. This will make it possible for a prosecution of any one who violate this important international convention. Like any law to be operational, each state will be tasked in looking for an independent authority to implement the convention. This independent authority should not back down from threats from the government, and if that is the case it should be reported to the international court of justice that over see how international conventions are protected. Any non-compliance from one member states will require evidence collection and the case is presented in the United Nations General Assembly so that all member states are informed. Global Economic sanctions Sanctions when appropriately placed and strictly obeyed by all member states could create leverage for diplomacy. However, leverage only goes as far as the weight you bring to the table. The United States has had fairly comprehensive sanctions in place on Iran for twenty years that the Iranians, though strained, have learned to live with it. Some might argue that it has stopped Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. But a counter argument to that is North Korea and Russia that have been in the US list of sanctions but they have been able
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