The Triviality of Time in Chicago's Song Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?

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Time is a self-evident perception of intangible human construct. A week consists of days, which consists of hours, which consists of minutes, and so forth infinitely; However, time is much more than a measurement or fleeting notion given to each living organism. It is an existential entity that resides outside of the human mind and its attempted comprehension. Its fundamental nature is not one of transience, but one of forward motion, where it not the past that is prepared for, but the future. The passing of time is continuous, with the arrow of time always pointing ahead. But what exactly happens when time passes? The rock band, Chicago, asks this question in their hit song, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?” in order to protest the human tendency to live for the future, and the trivial character of the time-driven capitalist structure. The quest for riches and promising futures is ever-present in every civilization, but even more so in a capitalist nation. When citizens are given countless opportunities to be in control of making his or her own fortune, money becomes a ticking time bomb that creates a free-for-all type atmosphere filled with elaborate corporate plans, get-rich-quick schemes, and everything in between. Chicago’s remark of “being pushed and shoved by people trying to beat the clock” is a criticism of how hectic the race is to a luxurious future. Moreover, it illustrates being surrounded by people who have a particularly harsh disregard for

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