The True Deceiver Analysis

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Madison Gross
The True Deceiver Essay

Setting: Inside and Outside
The True Deceiver, a novel, is written by Tove Jansson, a Swedish-Finnish author, and is the subject of the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell others. When reading the novel The True Deceiver we see inside and outside spaces and the different types of imagery. The imagery shown in the novel shows many different conflicts that the characters went through and portrays the message of the story. The novels setting starts off in a snowy town or village with the village being mostly dark. The main character of the story is Katri Kling who is considered to be an displaced person stuck in a different place than she is used to. She lives with her younger brother who is shy due to the loss of their mother. The other main character is Anna Aemelin who is considered to be the total opposite of Katri. Katri is a 25-year old woman who looks after her 15-year old brother, Mats. Their mother died nine months earlier and that has seriously affected Mats. He is a “little slow” to catch on, but a very gentle lad who is described as a “simple” boy by the villagers. He does manual labor extremely well and with great care and attention and has few conflicts with the other villagers. He particularly enjoys helping out in the Liljeberg boat yard. Mats, since working there, has come up with his own remarkable talents and has drawn up an excellent design for new boats. In the novel, The True Deceiver we

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