The Two Accounts Of Creation

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Melodie Waddell
Professor Lydia Postell
English 2111-01
7 July 2015
The Two Accounts of Creation in Genesis
"When God began to create heaven and earth, and the earth then was welter and waste and darkness over the deep and God 's breath hovering er the waters, God said, "Let there be light""(The Hebrew Bible 94). This is how readers have always started out studying the Bible. Little did they know there was an entirely different account of creation just a little ways down from the first account they see in Genesis. So, is there really two different accounts of God creating the Earth in the Bible? Some people believe yes, others believe, no. Throughout this essay I will be taking a deeper look into the two accounts of creation by comparing and contrasting the time periods, accounts of vegetation, and the animal life that God created. The Bible can be a tricky piece of literature to read, but I am going to break it down to view the accounts in a more in depth view.
In the beginning of Genesis we are introduced to God and he is beginning to make the Earth as we know it today. The first book of Genesis discusses the way God just had to speak and his words would bring life to the planet. Genesis 1 takes us on a journey through all six days of creation. Throughout the six days God manages to create the heavens and the earth, the sky, land, stars, all the creatures that live in the water, and all the creatures that inhabit the land. Genesis 2 starts out telling us about what God

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