The Two Fridas Analysis

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My experience at the Dallas Museum of Arts was incredible, there are so many galleries to explore, but by far my favorite was the Mexican exhibit. I knew some of Frida Kahlo’s work was going to be in the exhibit so I had to witness it for myself. I decided to choose the 1939 oil on canvas (5’8” x 5’8”) painting The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo. My objective response to The Two Fridas is a mirror reflection of her self with what appears to be a broken heart. There are two women sitting on a bench holding hands, each Frida has her own heart but sharing the same blood supply through a carotid artery. The Frida to the Right is holding something round and inside seems to be a picture of a man with a suite. That round object is also connected to the heart by another artery. The Frida on the left has an open wounded heart that is bleeding out, but she is holding a hemostat onto the artery that is connected to the heart to stop from bleeding out. The line characteristics in the painting are actual, jagged, soft/hard, curved, and implied. Most of the lines are soft by the features of the woman’s lips, hair, and eyes. Soft curved lines of the two women holding hands. The soft lines through out the dresses that also have implied soft lines to create an illusion of …show more content…

The women on the left has a white dress and what stands out is the red heart bleeding out and the red small flowers on the border of her dress. In comparison to the women on the left the dress on the right is full of primary colors and secondary colors. The top of the dress is a darkish blue with yellow strips and the bottom a greenish yellow, and the blood red heart out of her chest. The Frida in the right seems to be using more warm colors and cool colors than the one in the left. The Frida on the left is more neutral because of her all white dress, but it does have a pop of red being a warm tone. In the background there you can see grayish dark clouds created out of

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