Essay on The Undercover Experiment of John Howard Griffin

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The former rancher and now newspaper columnist, John Howard Griffin, is the main character in this book. This extraordinary novel about the choice of a white man to change the pigment of his skin to experience the life of a black man in the south. Griffin notices that the racial issues in the south is immensely growing aside with the rising number of suicides with African Americans. He then comes to the conclusion that it is impossible to even have the slightest clue of what it feels to live the life of a black in the south. His full devotion to better understand and help the cause he find a way to transform himself into a darker skinned person by medical terms. This was a feared idea by all his family and by him too but as much as he …show more content…

He was not pleased with this option and ask if there was a way to quickly change his skin pigmentation.
Though that wasn’t really plausible the doctor tried, he then warned his friend that since he was on a secret mission he would disappear without further notice. The problem is that he needed to find an African American who was willing to house and help him through his transformation. After less than a week he starts to throw up and have a sharp shock waves of anxiety. But this isn’t what he calls the worst when he realizes that the man he is trusting in the operation is a racist himself and is appalled.
Sterling Williams is an old man who shines the shoes of the upper class. He is intelligent and holds himself in a high level no matter all the discrimination. He tells Williams that he is a writer with a mission to inform the public population of the racial issues of the south but lacks to tell him of his secret plan of changing his skin color to black. When he shaves off his head to give his look the final step, he realizes that he no longer notices himself but instead thinks that he swapped souls with someone else. He even thought that his family would just walk by him thinking he is another black guy. With so much fear he walks into the city as the new transformed man he is. When he takes the trolley he is forced in the back and when he wants a drink he isn’t allowed to order one and after a long day he then decides to check into

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