The Underlying Causes Of World War I

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Underlying Causes of WWI
Though men around the world were eager to march off to war, none of them knew the dangers that were ahead. During World War I, 10 million people across Europe died fighting for what they believed in. WWI lasted for four years between 1914 and 1918. Millions of soldiers around the world fought for what they believed in hopes of bettering their homelands and protecting their allies. People were happy to support their country in hopes of new opportunities and better resources. Soldiers predicted the war would be over in six months, but they soon realized World War I would last almost half a decade in the trenches. Though the main cause of World War I was imperialism, other causes include militarism and alliances.
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Militarism was the motivation to fight in a war without a clear understanding of why. Men at this time were very eager to fight in World War I due to their abundance of weaponry and need to defeat a country to prove their superiority. At this time, there was an increase of munition and hopeful young men, ready to fight for their country. In The London Times History of the World, a bar graph demonstrates the growth of armaments and the amount of money each county spent in World War I between 1890 and 1914. During 1980, France proved to have spent the most on new war materials at about 38 million British pounds. However, in 1914, Germany over triples that amount at 115 million British pounds spent on armaments bought for the war. Another example of militarism comes from a speech given by Bernhard von Bülow titled, The Hammer or the Anvil. In his speech, the chancellor encourages the german country to battle in the war with their best foot forward otherwise they could get crushed by more willing opponents. He uses the analogy of a hammer and an anvil to question whether Germany wants to have the power and brutality of a hammer or be beaten by another country who embodies hammer qualities. Bülow’s metaphor helped the German people become inspired to fight for their country and use the resources available to …show more content…

Two major alliances, Triple Entente and Triple Alliance were created in 1907 and 1882. The Triple Entente was formed by France, Russia, and Great Britain and the Triple Alliance was made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. These two huge alliances made up of the Central Powers, each stood up for their own men and fought to the death in the battles. In a map titled, European Alliances, the European countries are separated with different colors to show which alliance each country associated themselves with. The countries in black represent the Triple Alliance, and the countries shaded gray make up the Triple Entente in 1914. The white countries with black polka dots show the neutral countries. The map solidifies the claim that alliances were an underlying cause of World War I due to the great contrast in countries directly adjacent to each other. Another example of alliances comes from The Chicago Daily Tribune in the artwork labeled, THE CRIME OF THE AGES. WHO DID IT? by artist, John T. McCutcheon. The image depicts eight European men each wearing a banner of the country they represent and pointing at each other. Behind them is a woman stabbed by a sword with the banner reading ¨The Peace of Europe¨ and in the top right is a hand pointing at the men. The picture is showing that none of them are willing to admit who started the war. Each man is pointing to another in a different alliance. None of the

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