The Unique History Of The Negro Baseball Leagues

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In this essay we will take a look at the unique history of the Negro Baseball Leagues. We will discuss how they were an integral part of the African American culture and what they meant to their communities. We will also discuss some of the more famous players of the Negro Leagues as well as take a look at what the impact of Jackie Robinson being the first African American to be signed to a professional Major League team was and how it affected the future of baseball.

Black American men were banned from being able to play professional baseball from the early 1900’s till the late 1940’s. This sparked the creation of what was known as the Negro Leagues. The first successful Negro League was formed in 1920 by Andrew "Rube" Foster (https://, but suspended operations in 1931 due to the financial hardships associated with the Great Depression (Baseball: An Illustrated History, G. Ward, Page 87). As the Great Depression ended and America got closer to WWII, the popularity of the Negro leagues grew. The creation of the Negro National League and the Negro American League represented the two premier Negro leagues in the 1930’s and 1940’s. They were just as organized as their white counterparts. They played a 140 game schedule, had their own all-star games, as well as their own World Series (Baseball: An Illustrated History, G. Ward, Page 247). The Negro leagues flourished during WWII. The white players of the professional teams were being drafted and their

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