The United Nations Security Council Essay

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“War can be of two kinds, in the sense that either the objective is to overthrow the enemy—to render him politically helpless or militarily impotent, thus forcing him to sign whatever peace we please; or merely to occupy some of his frontier districts so that we can annex them or use them for bargaining at the peace negotiations.”
Prior to 1950 the small country of Korea had been split laterally across the 38th Parallel, the Soviets supporting the north and the United States supporting the south. The country was patchy in culture, the north with a communist center under the Democratic People’s Republic (DPRK), and the south being republican under the Republic of Korea (ROK). Both governments sought to unify the country under one leadership. In the summer of 1950 the north sent an attack below the 38th Parallel, advancing towards Seoul the capital of South Korea. The United Nations Security Council requested military support in Korea. Without hesitation President Harry Truman sent American troops to South Korea. The war persisted over three years and cost the lives of many American troops. The restrictions that would prevent the United States from attaining complete and swift success in Korea were the changes amid military and political objectives, misguided leadership, forgoing the use of nuclear weapons, independent foreign actors, and prisoners of war at war termination. An outcome of the Second World War for the United States was an economic initiative

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